Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A few pics

the boys love the new bed that daddy built for them!

26 weeks

the boys being silly in the tub

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Catch-up and an (Almost) New Years Resolution

I've been a terrible blogger.

Again. Still. Whatever. At least I'm giving it another try, right?

I'm not much for resolutions, but I really do need to blog more. I'd much rather read what other more interesting people have to say than write about my own boring life, but I realise that there might be somebody out there who actually wants to know what we're up to.

Okay, my life isn't really that boring, I'm just not so great at putting it into words.

To catch everyone up on our boring busy life, here's the abbreviated version:
  • Baby #3 is due March 23rd. (Not so) big surpise it's another boy! At almost 26 weeks I'm ready to reclaim my body, but given the length of my to-do list I'm going to need the next +/-14 weeks to accomplish everything. Thankfully, so far it's been complication-free. Now to pick a name. Just the first one, the middle one was easy ;)
  • The house has been for sale since the end of August, but we missed the summer rush by a couple weeks. Then the economy happened. Now the plan is to stay put until the market picks up again. Oh yeah, and to save the moving hassles until sometime after the baby arrives. We still REALLY want to move south, so we're praying things pick back up in the spring.
  • Isaac and Joshua are now 5yrs 6mos and 3yrs 8mos, respectively. They've officially mastered the art of making messes and getting into trouble. It's surprising what miscellaneous, mostly food, items make good "dirt" to boys who are obsessed with heavy equipment (parmasean, sugar, coffee, the list goes on), but we love them lots anyways. It's just a little harder some days than others.
  • We started homeschooling this year and it's going to be a huge challenge for me. Thankfully kindergarten is a pretty easy place to start. Oh wait. 1st grade isn't so far off. Oh well, God led us here so I'm sure He'll provide the sanity and patience I'm sure I'm going to need.
  • In between all this, there has been a lot of out-of-town visitors, a few trips south, building projects around the house, room-swapping, and 1 room being rented out to a friend again.

I think that pretty much gets you caught up on the happenings in our lives. There's some pictures to share, but those will have to wait for another post. Besides, I need to make sure I spread out my bloggable material to keep you coming back for more :)

P.S. So far the blog background is the extent of my getting into the holiday spirit. Hopefully we'll get the tree out before the 25th. The boys keep asking if Christmas is going to come, I think they're getting a little worried.